Written By Zoe Whittall & Linsey Stewart | In Development

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At the magical age of 18, Eve escapes suburban drudgery and stumbles into the intoxicating urban world of Riot Grrls, anarchy, sex and politics with the ignorance and bliss of youth – and charges headlong into a crazy love that eventually unhinges her.

Zoe Whittall’s Montreal exists on the fringes – it’s the domain of the social rebels, queer outlaws and desperate separatists that were the beating heart of the city in the months leading up to the 1995 referendum.  She squats in the crappy apartments and cheap bars where insiders and outsiders struggle for identity and a sense of belonging.   This chaotic pre-referendum climate is the backdrop to Eve’s discoveries about her own relationships, and she is forced to come of age abruptly at the same time as the volatile political movement that surrounds her.

Bottle Rocket Hearts caused a mini-sensation in the literary world and was heaped with accolades upon its release in 2007.  The Globe and Mail placed it in the Top 100 Books of the Year, calling Zoe:  “the cockiest, brashest, toughest, most life-affirming, elegant, scruffy no-holds-barred- writer to emerge from Montreal since Mordecai Richler.”

Quill and Quire placed the book in its Top 10 of the year, Now Magazine crowned Zoe “Toronto’s Best Emerging Author”, and celebrated author Heather O’Neill summed it up best when she stated:  “Whittall has created characters who combine the luminous joie-de-vivre of Oscar Wilde with the self-destructive fury of Johnny Rotten.”

Bottle Rocket Hearts

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