Story Editor/ Writer (Showrunner) 
26 x 1 hour factual series | Season 4 (2007) | Season 5 (2008)

RESTAURANT MAKEOVER challenges two restaurant top guns to renovate, revamp and re-launch struggling restaurants. The seasoned hot shots – renowned chefs and designers from around the country – have a week to overhaul the entire restaurant and the kitchen.  The all-star team will redo the décor, rework the menu, and call in every favour to turn a dive into an upscale talk-of-the-town dining experience.

RESTAURANT MAKEOVER combines the international appeal of makeover stories with the universal love affair we all have with fine dining and the drama of an occasional disaster.  The race, the feuds and the finish find egos, aged in the swankiest restaurants, cooperating and colliding with attitudes bound for the restaurateur hall of fame.

Restaurant Makeover

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